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Horse Clothing 101

Paddock Sheet:
Lightweight sheet designed to keep a horse warm or clean. Temperatures 40° to 50°.

Anti-sweat Sheet:  Traditionally made of loosely crocheted cotton, it is used to absorb moisture, after bathing or exercise. Used primarily in cooler weather to prevent chills.

Fly Sheet (scrim): A light weight fine mesh sheet.

Rain Sheet:  A waterproof cover to keep a horse dry, between classes at shows.

Coolers: A large square blanket that is draped over a hot sweaty horse or one that has just had a bath. Generally made of wool or fleece, it’s purpose is to allow air circulation for drying but slowly to prevent a horse from chilling. Can be used with the anti-sweat sheet which is removed when it becomes wet.

Dress Sheet: A show sheet made of the same type fabric as the cooler with adornments and shapelier. Used at shows in cooler weather to prevent a sweaty horse from cooling too quickly or used at ring side to keep muscles warm.

If there is a question, it’s always best to ask your trainer.

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