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Grooming Like the Pros


  • Start at the bottom.  Pick your horses feet to remove any rocks or mud that has collected.  Look for any cracks or soreness in the hoof.
  • Spray hair polish, such as Show Sheen or Canter Mane and Tail, in tail. Leave the tail for a few minutes.
  • Begin currying one side of your horse using a circular motion. This step not only loosens dirt, it massages and stimulates blood supply to the skin and coat. While using the curry on the legs feel for any heat or swelling that indicates injury.  Continue to the other side.
  • Use the stiff (dandy) brush in short flicks, going in the direction of hair growth. This action will whisk away loosened dirt.
  • Return to the tail and brush out any tangles easily now that the hair polish has been absorbed. Don’t forget to brush the mane and forelock.
  • One of the final steps is to use the soft brush for a profession shine and final removal of dust or dirt.
  • Don’t forget to help your horse by applying fly spray generously all over his body before and after you ride.

Your horse works hard for you, show your appreciation by practicing extra special grooming. 
Horse Hardware is your grooming supply headquarters.

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